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Bob Miltenberger
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Tel: +1 844 526 2627

Nearshorenetworks is a Houston, Texas based company delivering Gold Standard class Satellite and Cellular Communications to Maritime vessel owners, operators and OEM’s worldwide. Our Maritime focus is a unique value proposition that differentiates us from other Providers. Our sole goal is to assure Vessel, Crew and Guests enjoy high quality network access.

Many companies have gaps in global service coverage due to their business affiliations with select providers. Nearshorenetworks have no such constraints. Our global relationships allow us to provide our client with the suited for purpose bandwidth regardless of Satellite or Cellular carrier. Similarly, we support all terminating and routing equipment brands. This allows us to serve every client regardless of their vessel location or current equipment aboard. We love providing services in the most difficult Regions.

Nearshorenetworks customers are Offshore as well as Inland Waterway owners and operators of Yachts, pleasure craft, OSV, ferries, tugs, bulk transport and passenger vessels. Our clients receive the very highest Service Levels with an expectation of maximum value at the lowest cost. Nearshorenetworks bring the latest solutions in Satellite, Cellular and Hybrid Networks to life aboard your Vessel and underpin it with our technical experience, 7x24 support and at the lowest costs.

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